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Custom plates are all about choice.

Be unique and add that special something to your car or motorbike. Custom plates offer the largest range of colour options, plate sizes and choice of combinations to complement your vehicle.

Custom plate type

Letters and numbers from 1 to 7 characters, at least one letter. Eg: EZYPL8

Two lines are only available when buying a square plate.

Colour and size

Plate preview


The plate you design on this site is an indicative sample only. The plates you receive may differ in colour and general visual appearance than what you see on the screen.

Order Your Plate

Confirm and order your plate.

The plate preview is a plate sample only. Their availability will be confirmed if you order now.

Please note: If purchasing a number plate agreement as a gift, the application is to be completed with the details of the person the gift is for. If you order online, the plate agreement will be posted direct to the recipient's postal address.


Plate details not set or plate not available.


Custom plates have an annual fee:

  • $200 for 1-6 characters
  • $255 for 7 characters.

Combination options

Choose any combination of letters or numbers from 1-7 characters. Your combination must include at least one letter. For example:

  • AAAA1
  • A1
  • 1A

Please note; Combinations for 1-6 digit plates with the only letters being “I” and/or “O”, so that it looks like all numbers in the combination, are not permitted and will be revoked.



  • 371mm x 133mm
  • front and rear


  • 371mm x 100mm
  • front and rear or standard rear


  • 300mm x 150mm
  • front and rear or slim front

Motorcycle (1-6 character)

  • 215mm x 95mm
  • rear only

Motorcycle (7 character)

  • 252mm x 98mm
  • rear only