Corporate plates promote businesses, clubs and associations and make you stand out from the crowd.

Plate combinations and sizes

You can choose to display these number plates with general-issue, personalised, premium or custom combinations by paying the relevant issue fee for these plates.

Plate shape Plate size Plate combination
Standard only 371mm x 133mm front and rear


A set-up fee is paid up front for your new design and will depend on your individual requirements – from around $185 inc GST. 

The standard corporate fee (from $190) applies per set depending on the type and combination you choose. Please phone 1300 EZYPLATES to confirm availability.

Check the fees and conditions.


Corporate number plates can use the colour combinations below for character and plate colour. Your individual design can use full colour.

corporate character colours

How to order

Together we will design a number plate using your business logo and colours. Please email us at and we will contact you. Be sure to give your daytime telephone number to avoid delay or you can call 1300 EZYPLATES for more information.

Plate collection

Corporate and themed plates take approximately 10 working days to make once designs are approved. You can collect your plate from your nominated Service SA customer service centre or we can post your plates for an additional fee. Please bring your current registration papers and number plates as we need to allocate your new plates to your vehicle before you can collect them. 


All number plates and colours are representations only.